Pradeep Sharma

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Wondering what Madrid release can do for you? Overall, the store release for Madrid is focused on delivering a better experience of managing store applications and plugins into a single application. In this post, I will walk you through two modules for “All available applications and My Company Applications”.

  1. All Available Applications
  2. My Company Applications


All Available Applications

This is a new module in Madrid release. You can search/install/manage plugins and store applications in a single view. All Available applications module has two submodules as below:

  • All - You can view all the apps and plugins you are entitled to from this new application client page.
  • Installed - You can view all the installed apps and plugins.

New Plugin UI

Also, note that the existing “Plugins” module will redirect users to the All module screen listed above with an info message and an option to see the v_plugin list. To activate a plugin, Search for a plugin to see if it’s available for self-service activation and then click on the Install button

Plugin Redirection

Here are the key features of the All and Installed Modules

  • Supported releases can be seen listed as comma separated initials of the release version
  • Clicking on the release note button shows the release notes for the selected release.
  • An alert icon alongside the title appears if the app is not compatible with the instance.
  • ServiceNow Store logo indicates apps by ServiceNow
  • ID shows the scope name for apps while for the plugin it shows its id.
  • Show Application Details link would appear for the apps that have additional details to the displayed.

Note: Apps and plugins can search for using the search box. The search list can be further reduced by applying the additional filter based on Managing, Pricing and Product Family.

My Company Applications

The existing module has been renamed from “Applications” to “My Company Applications” and the scope of this client is limited to managing the company’s internal applications only. On this module, there are 4 sections as below

  • All Apps: Administrators can view their own company apps which are In Development along with Installed and not Installed
  • In Development: Administrators can view the application that is In Development
  • Not Installed: Administrators can install applications developed by their own company from the application repository.
  • Installed: Administrators can view installed applications which are developed by their own company.

Application Manager


In summary, these 2 modules are designed to give you a unified and uplifting experience for plugins and applications. We’re excited to get these enhancements into your hands, and as always, we look forward to your feedback as you begin to use the new features. Start planning those Madrid upgrades today!

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