Andrew Barnes

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Virtual Agent

The spotlight for today is Virtual Agent which was introduced in London. The developer blog has a previous post Virtual Agent (London) to get you familiar with the product so check it out first before you read on about the new changes in Madrid. On to the changes we go!

Condition builder

One of the first and notable changes is the addition of the condition builder to many of the activities. Decision prompt properties now have a choice between script and condition

Script or Condition

Condition Builder

You can see the familiar condition builder is available to filter on the inputs and variables your topic has available. This opens up the building and adjusting of topics to a broader audience by no longer requiring scripting for the decision activity. You can still script if you wish but are no longer needed.

Interacting with records has also been improved by the addition of condition and field value picker. The field value picker has been updated to be more responsive and look and feel more like the condition builder.

Field value interaction

The condition builder for the new record, update record, and choice lists are now available for those activities. This no-code component enhancement should make it easier to set up and understand the activities in the agent conversation topics. Included in the condition builder is the data pill picker that you might be familiar with from Automated Test Framework or Flow Designer. The power to dynamically reference data with the data pill enhances our ability to make powerful and flexible topics by removing hard-coded values.

Data Pill


Madrid added the ability to integrate with Workplace by facebook. This adds to the existing integrations of Slack and MS Teams. The Slack integration now supports bot conversations from any workspace in the enterprise grid. This will require re-linking after upgrade if you already were using slack to your enterprise grid in London. MS Teams also saw enhancements in the form of adaptive cards and improved UX for user inputs.


Data cards got a new layout as well as adding the ability to direct to service portal or direct URL. You can configure the portal via sysparm_portal=. These are some of the new features added in Madrid for Virtual Agent. I hope you dive in and get building topics for your users to interact with and resolve their issue so they can get back to action as fast as possible.