Dave Slusher

1 minute read

One of the cornerstones of the ServiceNow developer ecosystem is the Share site. For years, it has been the place to share code amongst developers, whether fix scripts, templates or utilities. The site has been revamped and brought under the umbrella of the Developer Portal, where it now lives in its new home .

Along with the move to the new site, new features have been added. There is now a discussion associated with every project. Whether publishing or downloading, the discussions allow for feedback and a mechanism to answer questions. In addition, publishers can now add screenshots and videos to their Product Detail page in order to give potential downloaders a taste of what the project entails.

This revamp carries over all the projects from the previous share. If you were familiar with the old site, you can carry on from that point. If you’ve never used Share it is a great place to find solutions to help you solve development problems. If you have a script or application that you built and are willing to … well, share with the world then this is the time and place to get involved. Log in with your Developer Portal credentials and get started, publishing and using the solutions on the site.