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Getting Started with the Now Platform®

The ServiceNow Developer Program is a comprehensive resource for members who want to learn how to build and deploy applications using the ServiceNow platform. Becoming a member is a great way to begin building the skills needed to become a successful application developer. Developer Program Guides are available to provide additional information about the program, its resources, and how they are beneficial to you. In this module, you will find the Early Availability, GitHub and ServiceNow, Share, and Personal Developer Instance Guides.

What is the Now Platform?

The Now Platform empowers developers to deliver enterprise applications to rapidly address business needs. Applications are interconnected through a single data model and are designed to seamlessly integrate with any apps already found in your existing enterprise system.

With its powerful features, the Now Platform not only boosts the productivity of your team, but also the productivity of your entire enterprise.

What can you do with the Now Platform?

Developers of all skill levels can build better workflows using our development tools on a single, unified platform—saving your business time and money as you and your development team build workflow solutions.

Automate departmental and cross-enterprise workflows.

Transform your outdated business processes into digital workflows that connect systems, apps, and data—providing visibility into the end-to-end process.

Seamlessly embed analytics and AI in every app.

No-code utilities help build and train machine learning models, design NLU-powered conversations, and visualize KPI dependencies.

Empower anyone to build workflow apps.

Our no-code environment features drag-and-drop tools and libraries of reusable components, pre-built templates, and automated testing.

How to deliver digital workflows with the Now Platform

The Now Platform includes the Now Platform App Engine, a suite of tools for turning business processes into digital workflows.

These integrated templates, tools, and components can help you build and extend ServiceNow solutions—all in one platform.

Here's a list of the key features within the Now Platform:

Now Experience UI Framework

A ServiceNow JavaScript framework for creating web components.

Flow Designer

Automate business processes as digital workflows across departments, apps, and systems.


Natively integrate ServiceNow with any system to easily create end-to-end digital workflows.

Mobile Studio

Build and deploy native mobile experiences with an intuitive designer.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Unlock insights to anticipate trends, prioritize resources, and drive service improvements.

Studio IDE

Use a web-based integrated development environment to build, deploy, and manage your apps.

Guided App Creator

Rapidly create applications, define data, and configure user experiences.

Import Sets

Populate your application with data on an individual or scheduled basis.

Delegated Development

Help IT extend app development to other employees while maintaining control and governance over your instances.

Script Debugger

Get help debugging server-side JavaScript.

ServiceNow Extensions for Visual Studio (VS) Code

Adds functions to your VS Code implementation for developing on the Now Platform.

Now Experience Components

Utilize out-of-the-box components to extend your apps and feature a modern UI to your users.

Predictive Intelligence

Automate mundane tasks with machine learning and focus on the work that matters most.

Virtual Agent

Resolve issues faster and scale your organization with intelligent chatbots.

Approval Engine

Set up approvals within applications to manage how tasks and requests are approved. This capability is embedded within the workflow engine.


Manage communication between you, your users, and your application.

Enterprise Availability

Have near-perfect availability with redundancy built into every layer of our cloud.

Multi-level Architecture

Leverage our scalable architecture to perform tens of thousands to tens of billions of full-page transactions every month.

Find out more about the Now Platform App Engine on the ServiceNow website.

Benefits of the Now Platform

In addition to a comprehensive suite of tools, the Now Platform offers other advantages:

Deliver a common set of core capabilities

The Now Platform supports your apps, business requirements, and workflows. With the Now Platform, you can configure global settings for the entire platform or specific applications.

Eliminate silos in your business

Eliminate silos by sharing data between applications and departments. You can also configure and extend your data model with a flexible table schema.

Work on a secure and scalable platform

The Now Platform operates in the ServiceNow Cloud thanks to ServiceNow’s Advanced High Availability (AHA) architecture. This unique, multi-instance architecture meets and exceeds stringent requirements surrounding data sovereignty, availability, and performance.

Start developing with the help of a Now Platform guide

Now that you know more about the Now Platform and its capabilities, get started with one of these guides. Each of these guides will teach you more about developing on the Now Platform.

Citizen Developer

7 Sections

Little to no coding experience required to learn about creating digital workflow applications on the Now Platform.

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Professional Developer

9 Sections

Experienced developers can learn how to automate, extend, and build digital workflow applications on the Now Platform.

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Technical Recommendations

7 Sections

Recommendations for writing, reviewing, and debugging code during the development process.

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Getting Started with Now® Experience

3 Sections

An introduction to building and designing amazing experiences using the Now Experience UI Framework and Now Experience Components.

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