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Developer 2022 Survey Share-out

It’s that time of year again! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Liv Sather and I have worked at ServiceNow for the past 6 months as a Developer Advocacy Intern. As my co-op comes to an end, I am here to share our 2022 Developer Survey results. Drumroll please…

First off, thank you to all 2,171 of you who took the time to complete our 2022 Developer Survey! Your feedback will shape the future of the platform and help us better understand the positives and areas for improvement. With that, let’s jump into some results.

We know being a developer isn’t all fun and games, but 54% of our developers indicated a love for board, card, and tabletop games of any variety. Do I sense a future dev Meetup game night?


Talk about life changing! 81% of respondents perceived a positive career impact due to ServiceNow.


People who start on ServiceNow stick with it, over 17% of developers have worked on the platform for 10+ with an average of 6 years of experience. On the other hand, 9% of you have either not started yet or began this year – what took you all so long?!


No tech background? No Problem. 15% of developers came from a non-technical role.


We had quite a spread of roles across the Developer Community with the Primary Responsibility of devs coming in at 31% Developers & Admins, 32% Instance Admins/App Admins & Platform Owners, & 37% at various roles such as Analysts (TechOps), Process & App Owners, and Data Analysts and Trainees.


Between our customers and partners, the top 4 industries our devs come from were Financial Services, Tech, Media, & Telecom, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Business & Consumer Services.


Looks like 70% of you didn’t know there’s a podcast for ServiceNow Developers about development with our very own Chuck Tomasi, click here to check it out!


Adding onto the above, 42% also didn’t identify our ServiceNow Developer YouTube Channel, dare I say like and subscribe?


Looks like we have some die hard Workflow Editor fans with 74% of you saying this is your top development tool. With the New Year around the corner, why not try something new and give Flow Designer and Decision Tables a try!


It came as no surprise that 81% of you use your PDI for learning and self-teaching, which is fantastic! However, there is so much more to discover, and our dev advocate Lauren has put together this video diving deeper into PDI capabilities.


684 of you shared some amazing examples of apps you build on the Now Platform. From automating nuclear safety engineering, to ensuring food security and even building cars, our team loved going through your stories and were seriously inspired!


I want to note that we see your feedback and we hear you. Your feedback on developer tools and the developer experience has gone directly to our UIB, AES, and Platform Product teams. We are working hard to make developer tools more intuitive and provide support to devs of all skill levels from No-Code to Pro-Code and see this as a key goal for 2023. We are also working hard to streamline and simplify platform complexity and have taken feedback from several of our Developer MVPs (side note applications are open!) If you want to voice anything, please join the Product Lab. We value your feedback and appreciate you for sharing it!


Developers are feeling the love for each other! The most frequently mentioned positive feedback was regarding the robust ServiceNow Community and the support received. Haven’t joined the Community yet? Well, now’s your chance!


As I wrap up our 2022 Developer Survey Results, I want to leave you all with my personal findings over the last 6 months. From the developers that I have met, corresponded with, or simply just seen LinkedIn posts from, I can say that this Community is truly something special. Each and every day I started work, I would see ServiceNow’s slogan “Our Work Makes the World Work” come to life through the developer community.

A wholehearted thank you from me to you. I hope to see you all again soon!

Signing off,