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Brad Tilton Andrew Barnes

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Working Remotely Tips and Tricks About As companies start to encourage (or mandate) their employees to work from home/remote (WFH) temporarily due to COVID-19 many of these employees will include ServiceNow developers. We’ve worked remotely for more than 13 years combined, from multiple houses, countries, planes, trains, and automobiles. Having experienced the WFH differences between 7 different companies, we wanted to give some tips from our experiences. Before you leave the office Make sure that you are set up to access your instance outside of your offices.

Brad Tilton

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Brad Joins the Developer Program Team About Me My name is Brad Tilton, and I am the newest Developer Advocate with ServiceNow’s Developer Program! I have been developing on the Now Platform since 2008 as a customer admin/developer, partner developer, architect, and trainer, and also as a ServiceNow employee. As an employee, I’ve held roles advising our Technology Partners on building store applications and enabling customers with best practice guides and other material.

Andrew Barnes Dave Slusher

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2018 This has been an exciting year at ServiceNow and the Developer Program. We wanted to take a moment to thank all our readers that come visit the blog. From Andrew Joining ServiceNow this year and working with Dave Slusher has been a pleasure and I am looking forward to next year. We have traveled around the world in the last few months visiting with developers and writing blogs in airport lounges.

Andrew Barnes

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Joining Developer Program Greetings this is Andrew Barnes! The developer advocacy arm of the developer program has helped grow and empower the ServiceNow developer community. Dave Slusher and formerly Josh Nerius have done an amazing job with this program. The developer community would not be the same without them and their efforts. A short while ago I joined ServiceNow and specifically the developer advocate team. I have been developing on the ServiceNow platform since being inspired at Knowledge 14.

Dave Slusher

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For the last two years, the developer advocacy portion has been brought to you predominantly by two people - myself and Josh Nerius (aka @NeriusNow.) Josh recently took on a new role within the company and transitioned to new responsibilities. Much of what was good about the program over this time originated with Josh. He’s the one who posted much of our content about Flow Designer and OAuth. GitHub Companion and our ability to (psuedo) accept pull requests for ServiceNow development was one of his brainstorms.