Dave Slusher

1 minute read

For the last two years, the developer advocacy portion has been brought to you predominantly by two people - myself and Josh Nerius (aka @NeriusNow.) Josh recently took on a new role within the company and transitioned to new responsibilities.

Much of what was good about the program over this time originated with Josh. He’s the one who posted much of our content about Flow Designer and OAuth. GitHub Companion and our ability to (psuedo) accept pull requests for ServiceNow development was one of his brainstorms. This very blog in fact, statically rendered by Hugo and served out by a ServiceNow instance with a little bit of application shimming - that was all his idea.

We will miss Josh but he’s not going to far as the Product Manger responsible for Flow Designer and Integration products inside the company. Our last hurrah will be the Developer Days events in India next week as well as our own individual two-person hackathon event that we are planning to execute in the Heathrow food court. Good times.

Thanks to Josh for all the contributions and we hope to see and interact with him as much as we can. Best wishes from the ServiceNow Developer Program!

Josh at GitHub Universe 2017