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What is a Developer Advocate?

Our job as developer advocates is to help make ServiceNow developers as successful as possible building and developing on the Now Platform. We do that by enabling developers, fostering community, and advocating on behalf of ServiceNow developers to our internal product and development teams to make the Now Platform better for developers. We are your voice to our internal teams.

What kind of things do we do?

The ABCs of ServiceNow Developer Advocacy

Who are the developer advocates?

Andrew Barnes

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Andrew has been developing on ServiceNow for 6 years as both a customer and partner, and for the past 2 years he has been a developer advocate. He specializes in authentication, integrations, and devops/CICD processes in large organizations.

Brad Tilton

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Brad has been developing on ServiceNow for 12 years, spending 3 years as a customer admin and developer, 5 years as a partner consultant, trainer, and architect, and the last 4 years as an employee advising partners and customers on how to build custom apps on the platform using accepted best practices and enabling developers. Brad specializes in front-end development and building custom apps on the Now Platform.

Chuck Tomasi

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Chuck has been an employee for ten years and was a customer for a couple of years before that. He loves building custom applications and integrations, finding new and innovative ways to use the platform, and sharing everything he learns with the ServiceNow community.