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Announcement! As of September 28, 2023, the Developer Advocate Blog has migrated to the ServiceNow Community Developer Advocate Blog, the most up-to-date information regarding Hacktoberfest will now be at this link.

October is right around the corner and you know what that means! It’s Hacktoberfest!

ServiceNow Developers participation

It’s the 10th anniversary of DigitalOcean’s Hacktoberfest, and the 7th year we ServiceNow Developers are participating in this event by contributing to ServiceNow open-sourced projects and repositories.

In previous years, participants would receive swag (a shirt and stickers usually) from DigitalOcean. For the first time ever, we are sending ServiceNow CreatorCon shirts to those who participate in ServiceNow’s Hacktoberfest projects!


Last year, we set new ServiceNow Hacktoberfest records with 520 Pull requests by 201 participants! We are excited to see what you all come up with this year!

How to participate

Generally, September is the time to learn how Source Control (ie. GitHub) works. Then in October (from October 1 to October 31), you can choose from any number of our projects below to earn your rewards.

Watch this short three-minute video to see one of the ways to participate from A to Z:


Completing the traditional Hacktoberfest goal set forth by DigitalOcean and GitHub, participants who complete 4 Pull Requests would earn prizes including the yearly t-shirt. This year, DigitalOcean will no longer be sending shirts, but the ServiceNow Developer Program is stepping and will be sending CreatorCon shirts to our participants.


You must register at BOTH websites below to earn prizes from both DigitalOcean and the ServiceNow Developer Program.

DigitalOcean prizes

Prizes from DigitalOcean this year (subject to change):

  • A tree planted in your name for the first 50,000 participants to complete 4 accepted Pull Requests (via Tree-Nation and DigitalOcean)
  • Digital rewards
    • Holopin badges (Check out Earl’s Holoboard of his badges from last year on his GitHub profile)
    • A to-be-announced surprise reward
  • And it’s never official but they usually send a bunch of nerd-cred stickers.

Go to https://hacktoberfest.com/ and register. Have 4 Pull Requests accepted in any repository marked with the topic of “Hacktoberfest” to complete the challenge.

ServiceNow Developer Program prizes

Prizes from ServiceNow this year (subject to change):

  • A CreatorCon 2023 T-Shirt (while supplies last)
  • Miscellaneous ServiceNow merchandise (once shirts run out, while supplies last)

To earn these prizes, we are tracking participation in ServiceNow Dev Program specific projects. We will be rewarding participants who:

  • Complete the challenge first (4 Pull Requests accepted in any repository marked with the topic “Hacktoberfest”)
  • Intentionally submit Pull Requests that close issues
  • Submit Pull Requests to more challenging projects

Additionally, we will select several participants at random that have participated in the past week. So participate throughout October for more chances to receive the rewards!

Go to https://devlink.sn/HacktoberfestRegistration and register. You will be able to see your progress in our projects at this link too. NOTE: You can only submit this form once you’ve made any kind of progress, even forking our main repository is sufficient to get started!


Live streams

  • You & I Builder Live!. Join Brad and Maria Gabriela on September 28 to learn how to participate in the Next Experience projects
  • Live Coding Happy Hour. Join Earl and the whole Hacktoberfest crew on September 29 to learn how to participate generally in Hacktoberfest

Our participating projects

Every year our goal is to make it easy for you to participate, so the more projects the better! We have also worked on enhancing some repos so that it’s easier and faster to contribute without having to fully pull down entire applications into your Personal Developer Instance.


All project links can be found in our main Hacktoberfest repository here: https://github.com/ServiceNowDevProgram/Hacktoberfest

Your Hacktoberfest 2023 crew


A team of volunteers will be joining us this year to ensure that your Hacktoberfest experience is better than ever! ServiceNow’s participation in Hacktoberfest is only possible because volunteers put in the massive hours to make sure Pull Requests are being reviewed and everything is running smoothly.

More to come

Come back through September and October for more updates!