Hacktoberfest and ServiceNow Earl Duque

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October is once again behind us and our most successful ServiceNow Hacktoberfest has concluded! Here are the final numbers for 2022:


  • 520 Pull requests. A 15% increase over last year, but a HUGE increase of pull requests in projects that required higher-effort participation. 64% of Pull Requests this year were in higher-effort projects, compared to 14% last year.
  • 396 Forks. A 36% increase over last year.
  • 201 Unique Participants. A 123% increase over last year.
  • 167 Issues created and worked on. New this year, we saw a lot of collaboration in the form of idea and bug-finding issues.
  • 7 volunteer maintainers helped watch over all our projects.

Show us your stickers and shirts!

When you receive your Hacktoberfest swag from DigitalOcean, be sure to post on social with the hashtag #ServiceNowDev so everyone can see your hard-earned loot!

Keep going!

Open-sourced collaboration doesn’t end with Hacktoberfest! All of the ServiceNowDevProgram and ServiceNowNextExperience repositories remain open for contribution.

We want your feedback!

Did you participate this year? We would love to hear your feedback or hear about your experience. With the right feedback, we can make this event even better next year and maybe even get enough internal-traction for some ServiceNow prizes too!

Please take the short 4 question survey here: https://listeningpost.servicenow.com/jfe/form/SV_4G6QLJeGj5Physu

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who forked, submitted pull requests, submitted issues, advertised on social media, and helped maintain the repositories. Without you we would have not had our best Hacktoberfest yet!

Our contributors (Pull Request submitters in alphabetical order by their GitHub username):

23Thom, aatrey882, abhay625, abhilash264, Abhishekchowdarapu, adarshsingh0205, Adiana3308, AdilBasha1SAP, allam1234, AlphaEagle, alyaanbasha, amigujarathi, anillande90, ankitshaw625, arhaan2019, Arpan-InGen, AryanBarsaiyan, ashuprince121, aykmrgit, b1naryst0rm, BadalHub, bird-03, bradtiltonnow, briangodfreydev, chelming, DaleD-SN, danielliaus, Danmax, DavidArthurCole, davidkwhuang, dorsy99, earlduque, eriemer1, ewatch, GauthamBellamkonda, girishnagaraj09, gowdah, hafsa-asif, harishankert, harisnad, HarneetSital, homealone07, hrobarikt, Iamsant, iar42, igrzhukovich, ishaanshoor, Jaskaran-Techno, jiteshmalik, johndahl-now, jon-lind-sn, JWITSM, KartikeSingh, kmohit2809, Lacah, lakshyatyagi24, Litwilly, llipovsky, loudigi, Mahesh-Krishnan1, markroethof, MartinStoyanoff, MGOPW, mjonssonme, mlemartien, mohitchauhan-dev, MrChrisE, MRSinghRajat, mr-swann, mwchiao, namrataghorpade, niamccash, nthumma, oasif, OrgovanGeza, ovarn, paigesndev, patrickpaterlini, pavankumar-4, phr-nk, piyusalunke123, PreyumKr, Radhe-Manasa, rafzk, RajputUsman, Rampriya-S, rawnaldduck, renuka-rajpuria, rohantjoshi, salmaniqbal92, sandeepd26, SapphicFire, seviceN, shakeel-sheikh, Shambu-K, shridk, sisco0, snamjosh, soerenmaucher, stevezero, Subhraneel77, sumanthdosapati, sychi77, techYESlogyXplorer, tejudhoran95, thameemskings, thisnameissoclever, trishitapingolia, ttoter, urspvs, VaishnaviLathkar98, Vish-X07, vjtknn, wiz0floyd, ynr-ram, yourepicservices, zahidask