Hacktoberfest and ServiceNow Earl Duque

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Hacktoberfest 2022 is here!


Every year we encourage ServiceNow Developers to participate in DigitalOcean’s Hacktoberfest event by contributing to a ServiceNow project or repository.

Just looking for the participating project repositories? Here are the links:

Why participate?

  • The more the community is equipped, the more that community can contribute.
  • The more you get used to source-controlled projects, the more you can contribute to any number of open-source projects.
  • You get a free t-shirt (the t-shirt also comes with bragging rights)!
  • Contributors will earn points toward qualifying for next year’s Developer MVP program.
  • Some projects will have immediate benefit to the Developer community

Who can participate?

Everyone! Whether you’re new to ServiceNow, a low-code developer, a business analyst, or a full-stack engineer, anyone is allowed to participate! Every year we are trying to make it even more easier to participate!

ServiceNow and the future of source control

As we transition managing development on ServiceNow away from using update sets towards using source control integration with git, it’s becoming more important for ServiceNow developers to have an understanding of how version control software like GitHub works.

Especially in our low-code interfaces like App Engine Studio, a common way for users to share apps will be through source control. So this is a great way to dip your feet into how source controling apps works!

We have a ServiceNow Hacktoberfest Slack channel!

Join the SNdevs Slack workspace and join us in the following relevant channels:

  • #hacktoberfest
  • #code-snippets
  • #slacker-dev-public
  • #points-thing-dev

How do I participate?

First, sign up for a GitHub account (if you don’t already have one) and then sign up to participate in DigitalOcean’s Hacktoberfest.

Next watch this video on pull requests:

Or here is the process, typed out:

  1. Pick a project to work on from the list below
  2. In the repository, fork the repo to create your own version of the repository
  3. Follow the guidelines listed in the CONTRIBUTING.md in each repository
  4. For some repos, you’ll want to create a new branch
  5. For some repos, you’ll pull the application repo into your ServiceNow instance
  6. Once you finish your updates, commit them to your branch.
  7. Open a pull request to the original repo (make sure to check the CONTRIBUTING.md file for details)

Need more detail/want to watch us do the full process live? Check out this live stream:

Once you understand how Pull Requests work, pick a project from below to work on! Each project repository will have a readme.md and contributing.md file that you must read before you contribute.

Available Projects

There are multiple projects we are encouraging participation in. To finish your Hacktoberfest goal:

  • You must make four approved pull-requests between October 1 and October 31, 2022.
  • These four pull-requests can be spread out across multiple projects or can all be for one project.
  • From experience, you are more likely to get the t-shirt size you want the earlier you complete the goal! So get to work!

SNDevs Slacker Bot


The @Slacker bot on the sndevs.com Slack workspace has been completely rebuilt to make contribution easy. Through some clever automation between GitHub and the ServiceNow instance that hosts the bot, approved Pull Requests will introduce new functionality immediately to the Slack server, so everyone can benefit from your contribution right away! Check out the “Issues” tab for ideas.

SNDevs Points Thing


The @points_thing bot on the sndevs.com Slack workspace has been rebuilt for easier contribution: cleaner API calls, better table structure, less hard coding, etc. Feel free to add a milestone message as an app metadata!

Next Experience Recipes App


Let’s enhance a simple, two-page recipe portal that lets you search and view recipes. What if you could rate or comment on the recipe, send a survey, track variations, etc. Also, if you make a change, go ahead and add a new recipe to the app for everyone. Additionally, if you want to know how to build this experience from scratch, check out CCL1072.



A community moderated repository that hosts ServiceNow code-snippets for all situations. We have attached some neat ServiceNow automation to the repository (eg. Participation automatically updates the repository’s main readme file with a leaderboard).

Next Experience Fleet Management App


The Next Experience team wants to see what variants of pages you can create in this Fleet Management app!

Plants App


The long requested “Show us your office plants” Plants app is here, contribute by adding your metadata and/or expanding functionality.

Integration Hub Spokes


Integration Hub in Flow Designer is constantly growing and the need for new integration spokes that connect ServiceNow to external systems means this past Hacktoberfest effort is still open:

Instance Scan Checks


We all agree that Instance Scan is a great way to keep your instance in a healthy and performant state, but what we are lacking are the rules that should be added as Checks to the engine. ServiceNow ships with Instance Security Center checks, and you can find Instance Trouble Shooter checks in the ServiceNow Store, but in this community-contributed repository, users are providing their own buse-at-your-risk” checks:

Syntax Macros


Type in a keyword and a whole template script appears? Life is always easier with syntax macros. This repository was started up earlier this year to collect the community’s favorite syntax macros.

Next Experience SWAG Portal

link coming soon, just cleaning up some rough edges

Help us build out a catalog of all the cool ServiceNow SWAG we have received over the years! The Next Experience team has set up this SWAG Portal for everyone to add their items to a catalog as a fun way to participate in Hacktoberfest.