Brad Tilton

2 minute read

CreatorCon 2020 Virtual Hackathon HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc000f61400-1-HBHB Annoucing the CreatorCon 2020 Virtual Hackathon Join the CreatorCon Hackathon virtually. Teams of all types will go head-to-head in a weekend-long quest for fun, prizes, and glory. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and build apps that solve real business problems. Submitted applications should address a problem space in one of the following categories: healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, banking, and social good.

Lily Li

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CreatorCon is the developer conference within Knowledge18. There are lots to see, learn, experience, and get excited about at this year’s CreatorCon. Sessions Choose from more than 100 hands-on workshops and demo-led sessions covering all aspects of development on the Now Platform. Hear about new features, including Metric Base, Virtual Agent and Machine Learning. We have content for developers of all types. If you’re an enterprise architect, explore our dedicated track just for you.

Dave Slusher

9 minute read

Last spring several of us with the developer program had a trip to India to put on some Developer Days events. We returned again in August to bring the CreatorCon on the Road experience to the country. One of the main drivers of the timing was the fact that the new ServiceNow office in Hyderabad was opening on August 9th so there would be a puja ceremony and festivities around that.

Deep Dive into the CreatorCon IoT Lab

How it Works, Behind the Scenes, Build Your Own

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Josh Nerius

13 minute read

If you attended Knowledge 17 (or CreatorCon on the road in India or San Diego) and happened to be walking past certain breakout rooms, you might have mistaken the high pitched buzzing you heard for a fire or security alarm, and no one would blame you…that’s certainly what it sounded like. But nope, you just happened to walk past the IoT Intelligence and Automation with ServiceNow lab in progress.

Josh Nerius

3 minute read

CreatorCon is just around the corner. Right around this time every year, the reality sets in: I HAVE TO PACK! I then start the process of trying to remember all of the things that I wish I’d remembered last year - what to bring, what to wear, what to prepare for. Here’s the rundown on how I enjoy (and survive) Knowledge every year.

Wear Comfy Shoes No, seriously. Everyone has been talking about this for weeks now, but don’t take this lightly.

Dave Slusher

23 minute read

In the developer program, we have a program where on many Fridays a group of us get together and broadcast ourselves working through code problems. If you’d like to get notification of when we go live or post a new episode, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Here is a list of all the shows to date, grouped by subject matter. Note that episodes may contain multiple subjects and may appear in multiple lists.