CreatorCon Earl Duque

2 minute read

CreatorCon Hackathon 2023 HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc00192ca00-1-HBHB Are you ready for an exciting and innovative opportunity that will push your skills to the limit? Look no further than the CreatorCon Hackathon! Visit to learn all about this year’s must-attend event. What is the CreatorCon Hackathon? CreatorCon Hackathon 2023 hosted by ServiceNow is an event that seeks to bring together developers, partners, and customers to build innovative and creative solutions on the ServiceNow platform.

CreatorCon Jason McKee

3 minute read

Have you built a cool app? Come up with a great solution to a vexing problem? Want to share some lessons you’ve learned? We want to help you share your story at CreatorCon next May in Las Vegas! Whether you’re an experienced developer or you’ve just started your journey, CreatorCon at Knowledge is one of ServiceNow’s 2023 event opportunities for developers of all skill levels to connect, learn and share with each other.

Earl Duque

2 minute read

I finally got to experience my first Knowledge and CreatorCon as an employee. Thank you to Den Haag and Las Vegas for hosting all of us! If you missed Chuck’s recap of New York City and Sydney, check it out. I wanted to make sure Chuck and I posted our response to “What was your favorite part?” along with any good memories because such great events deserve some retrospective posterity so that we can look back and remember the great lessons the world has imparted to us.

Chuck Tomasi

3 minute read

First - thank you everyone who went to Knowledge 22 and CreatorCon - all locations and digitally! Double thanks if you presented at the conference. It was so amazing to see everyone in person (again.) I’m still catching up, sorting photos, and relishing the memories. My only regret is that I could not attend all four events. I was blessed with being able to go to New York and Sydney however, there were people in The Hague and Las Vegas that I would have loved to see again.

Jason McKee

4 minute read

Have you built something really cool on ServiceNow? Solved an interesting problem? Have a great story to share with your peers? We want you to come speak at CreatorCon 2022, the conference for architects and developers of all skill levels! The call for content is now open, read on to learn how to submit. CreatorCon Call for Content We welcome submissions from everyone in the community, regardless of how long you’ve been in the ecosystem or whether you’ve spoken at a conference before.

Andrew Barnes

7 minute read

We hope everyone has been enjoying the Knowledge Digital Experience this year. The Hackathon winners were just announced via the video session on the knowledge experience platform. The corporate ServiceNow Blog also has a featured post outlining the winners! The Hackathon team and I had a fantastic weekend helping answer questions in zoom Guru help hours all through the 24 hours! When not helping directly, we were live streaming, and watching live streams.

Brad Tilton

2 minute read

HAPPY KNOWLEDGE 2021 Now that we’re halfway through Knowledge and CreatorCon 2021 lets look back on our favorite sessions from the first week and look forward to what’s happening next week. Last Week So what happened this past week? Know21Games and Social It was fun following the #Know21Games hashtag and seeing the people participating in our social contests this past week. I especially enjoyed some of the creativity I saw from people using the Knowledge 2021 Photobooth.

Andrew Barnes

1 minute read

The CreatorCon 2021 Hackathon is this weekend! Go make sure you have registered and joined/created a team today. What is the CreatorCon 2021 Virtual Hackathon? CreatorCon Hackathon is a weekend-long event to rapidly prototype ideas using the Now Platform App Engine. You get to build apps and solutions on the latest release of the Now Platform with support from ServiceNow experts. The goal is for participants to take an idea, make a plan, and then turn bring it into reality.

Nia McCash

6 minute read

This is a guest post from one of our Developer MVPs, Nia McCash It’s that time of year again! Knowledge and CreatorCon 2021 presents so many sessions to level-up your ServiceNow skills. If you’re a little overwhelmed with the plethora of choices, here is a highlight of sessions sure to be a hit - all by our Developer MVPs. Developer MVP Sessions at CreatorCon 2021 A fail-safe approach for implementing ITOM health [CCB1170-K21] By Ashutosh Munot & Dhruv Gupta

The Developer Program team is really excited about what we have in store for developers at CreatorCon 21 this year! Here’s everything that we think you as a builder or developer need to know about. Labs Starting on May 11th, we’ve got the ever-popular hands-on, on-demand, labs to guide you through all of our new and popular features. Everything from building your first application in minutes to simplifying integrations and authentication.