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Have you built a cool app? Come up with a great solution to a vexing problem? Want to share some lessons you’ve learned? We want to help you share your story at CreatorCon next May in Las Vegas!

Whether you’re an experienced developer or you’ve just started your journey, CreatorCon at Knowledge is one of ServiceNow’s 2023 event opportunities for developers of all skill levels to connect, learn and share with each other.

The Call for Content for all other Knowledge sessions launches at the end of January. Sign up to receive updates about Knowledge 2023.

What makes a great CreatorCon session submission?

If you’re excited about something as a developer, there’s other devs out there that will find that exciting too. Make that passion shine in your proposal. We’re going to be wearing our attendee hats when looking at your session proposals, so speak to the person you want to attend your session when building your submission.

When looking at a list of sessions in a catalog, the first thing someone sees is your title, make it something interesting that will entice them to click into your session to read the abstract. Short titles like the feature name or generic ones like “Automated Test Framework” won’t get as many people clicking in as “Prevent “My web service is doing what?!”, build great tests for your REST APIs”

Once you’ve hooked them with your title, make sure your abstract tells them what they’ll learn and why they want to attend your session. You’ll get better attendance with “Join us to learn how we…” or “Want to learn about…” phrasing than an abstract that reads like an outline like “In this session I plan to talk about…”

Ready to submit a session proposal?

The CreatorCon Call for Content (CFC) starts October 18th and runs through November 15th.

Submit your proposals here:

Need help?

Whether this is your first time submitting a session to a conference or you’re a seasoned speaker, we’re here to help you put together the best session submission possible. Drop in to one of our office hours calls and we’ll help you fine tune your session idea and build a compelling title & abstract.

CreatorCon CFC Office hours are: