Earl Duque

2 minute read

I finally got to experience my first Knowledge and CreatorCon as an employee. Thank you to Den Haag and Las Vegas for hosting all of us! If you missed Chuck’s recap of New York City and Sydney, check it out.

I wanted to make sure Chuck and I posted our response to “What was your favorite part?” along with any good memories because such great events deserve some retrospective posterity so that we can look back and remember the great lessons the world has imparted to us. My answer to the question is summed up in this video:

I was reminded over and over that the work that the Developer Relations team have been doing has had true impact on the lives of developers around the world.

The Hague will forever hold a place in my heart now. Every single person I met was both warm and ready to build a bigger relationship. Despite the incredibly diverse groups of people that attended, each person was excited for more than just a handshake and few quick words. And I can’t talk about The Hague without mentioning that Kaoraoke with people from many cultures and languages was an experience I will not forget.


Las Vegas was a marathon for me, being tasked to host/co-host/lead seven sessions. It led to me learning a lot about myself and who I want to be in service to others. Here are some take-aways:

  • Share your story. You never know who will learn and grow from hearing about your experiences.
  • Find your own path. You might be walking in the shadows of giants, but the light comes from the individual gifts that can only come from you.
  • “You are your biggest critic,” but when others say otherwise, try to believe them!

And since it was my first CreatorCon(s) as an employee, I would be remiss to not shout-out to Lily, and Brad, just a couple of my co-workers that even more-so ensured the success of CreatorCon!


Looking forward is Fall and Knowledge ‘23! The Call For Content is already open! This is your chance to be a speaker at an upcoming event, check it out!