Chuck Tomasi

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First - thank you everyone who went to Knowledge 22 and CreatorCon - all locations and digitally! Double thanks if you presented at the conference. It was so amazing to see everyone in person (again.) I’m still catching up, sorting photos, and relishing the memories. My only regret is that I could not attend all four events. I was blessed with being able to go to New York and Sydney however, there were people in The Hague and Las Vegas that I would have loved to see again.

When people ask me “What was your favorite part?”, my answer is simple - just spending time with YOU. The past two years has definitely deepened my appreciation for sharing stories, singing songs, and laughing together. Memories were made all thanks to you.


When I recall the New York event, some of the highlights that come to mind are having the honor of being the CreatorCon Keynote emcee, everyone singing karaoke (using the ServiceNow app I wrote), playing trivia (with my ServiceNow Jeopardy app), spending time with my daughter and son-in-law, and of course all you MVPs!


On paper, Sydney may have looked like a carbon copy of New York with similar activites like Jeopardy, shared stories, karaoke, and more - but it definitely had a flare of its own. With different people comes unique experiences. Another change with Sydney is that we had copies of Low-Code Apps For Dummiesto sign. Thank you everyone for making me feel special. I even signed a couple laptops - that was a first! In New York I was accompanied by my daughter and son-in-law. In Sydney I was joined by my wife. My Sydney schedule was even more crazy than New York, but she made it so easy to traverse from one activity to the next. She even became a minor celebrity in her own right.


Also, a special shout out to the ServiceNow employees who all worked as a team to make this happen. It was SOOOOO worth it. In the past 12 years, this was definitely the most challenging schedule, yet somehow we made it work. Of course, it doesn’t amount to much without you, the people who attend, participate, and give us feedback.


I’m already looking forward to the events in the fall and Knowledge 23! Speaking of which… We’re looking for more speakers. This is a great way to add some resume/CV accomplishments, gain status in the community, and grow professionally. If you’d like to be a speaker at an upcoming event, please respond to our Call For Content

My complete photo collection is available in my Google Photo album.