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CreatorCon Hackathon 2023

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Are you ready for an exciting and innovative opportunity that will push your skills to the limit? Look no further than the CreatorCon Hackathon!

Visit to learn all about this year’s must-attend event.

What is the CreatorCon Hackathon?

CreatorCon Hackathon 2023 hosted by ServiceNow is an event that seeks to bring together developers, partners, and customers to build innovative and creative solutions on the ServiceNow platform. The Hackathon is an exciting opportunity for developers to demonstrate their skills and to engage with other industry professionals to develop and share the latest ideas.

Why participate?

  • Build community with your fellow ServiceNow developers, admins, and creators
  • A great resume builder/bragging rights
  • Winners will be highlighted during the Hackathon Awards session at the Knowledge 2023 CreatorCon Dev Theater
  • Participants and winners will be highlighted on the developer blog at
  • Win fabulous prizes
  • Stretch your skills and imagination

During the Hackathon, developers can create new apps, build-ups or integrate 3rd party applications into the ServiceNow platform to help streamline customer experiences.

Who can participate?

  • Everyone! Any background and skills are welcome to participate. Not just developers can participate!
  • Anyone with industry knowledge is invited to bring an application to life: developers, programmers, engineers, project managers, business stakeholders, analysts, and visionaries.
  • A well-rounded team often performs better, so try to have a mix of technical, analytical, and marketing skills on your team.
  • Need to find a team or missing a role on your team? Make sure to indicate you are interested in our pre-conference team formation meetings below.
  • To participate, simply visit to see full details and to register now! This blog post is intentionally not the whole picture because all information will be maintained at this link!

The CreatorCon Hackathon is an excellent opportunity for developers to learn and share their knowledge while still showcasing and improving their ServiceNow abilities.