Pranav Bhagat

2 minute read

Automation Center helps to govern the end-to-end multi-vendor lifecycle in one place. In Simple, this is your command-and-control center for all your Automations whether they are part of ServiceNow or outside of ServiceNow. Here are three new features that developers should explore in Automation Center, which are specific to Utah:

Integration with Flows

By integrating Automation Center with Flows data, users can easily track flows in Automation Center. To enable this feature, customers can select which flows they want to track using “Automation tracker.”


Enhanced UiPath Spoke

By enabling web hook integration for UiPath using Integration Hub spoke, users can reduce implementation time and efforts. This feature allows UiPath to integrate seamlessly with Automation Center, enabling users to easily manage UiPath automations in ServiceNow.

Similar Existing Automation Suggestions

To enable reusability and avoid duplication of efforts, Automation Center can show any existing similar automation requests or automations. This feature allows users to easily identify similar automation requests or automations and reuse them if they meet their requirements. The “recommended actions” feature displays recommendation cards for two types of data: automation requests and automations.


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Parting words

I hope you like the new features, we recently did a Creator Toolbox livestream covering all the new features of Automation Center in Utah release, you can check it here on our ServiceNow Developer Program Channel. To see additional content coming out about the Utah release, please visit our Content Calendar.