Andrew Barnes Dave Slusher

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This has been an exciting year at ServiceNow and the Developer Program. We wanted to take a moment to thank all our readers that come visit the blog.

From Andrew

Joining ServiceNow this year and working with Dave Slusher has been a pleasure and I am looking forward to next year. We have traveled around the world in the last few months visiting with developers and writing blogs in airport lounges. It is a joy each time I get to visit with developers and together we share our excitement for the platform and its future. I am looking forward to providing more Blogs, Community answers, and the live stream content into next year.

Thank you for making our community great.

From Dave

This is now my third holiday season since joining this team and each year is its own gift. It is an honor, a privilege and a pleasure to get to interact with our developer community for my day job. Thank you to all the people out in the ServiceNow ecosystem who make this job so much fun. We get to develop cool things and then share them professionally, travel around like nerdy bards singing the praise of app development and it is a blast. Best wishes to all of you around the world, in all the holidays you celebrate. May your 2018 finish strong and your 2019 be even better!