Earl Duque

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Earl Joins the Developer Advocate Team!!!

About me

I am Earl Duque and I am incredibly excited to be the newest Developer Advocate to join ServiceNow’s Developer Program

I have a slightly different background than the Developer Advocates before me in that I have only been in the ServiceNow space since 2017. My career first started within Student Affairs and Contract Management before I jumped over to IT and started in a university service/help desk. From there, I went from being a ServiceNow system administrator, to developer, to senior engineer, to technical lead and student developer manager. From help desk to admin to engineer, I would bet that there are many people out there with a similar background as me!

Being engaged and creative in the developer community has been important to me way before joining ServiceNow. Whether it is helping update and fix the bots in the #sndevs Slack community or making games during Hackathons using ServiceNow tools, I really believe this platform is poised to change how we do things in and out of the workplace.

Personal Stuff

I live in Northern California with my best friend and wife, our one-year old daughter, and goofy labradoodle. I am a games afficianado (video, board, sports, all of it), creative (music, art, LEGO), and ally to those who seek allies. I find great joy in seeing others thrive

Contact Info

Hit me up on slack, email, LinkedIn, or twitter and let’s get some collaborations going!