Andrew Barnes

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Joining Developer Program

Greetings this is Andrew Barnes!

The developer advocacy arm of the developer program has helped grow and empower the ServiceNow developer community. Dave Slusher and formerly Josh Nerius have done an amazing job with this program. The developer community would not be the same without them and their efforts.

A short while ago I joined ServiceNow and specifically the developer advocate team.

I have been developing on the ServiceNow platform since being inspired at Knowledge 14. Contributing to the community has been a large focus of mine from the start. Answering questions in the community forums, as well as leading the #sndevs slack channel which is several thousand developers strong now. Having been a client and implementation partner for moderate to extremely large enterprises has allowed me to see the power and variety of the ServiceNow ecosystem.

You may have seen some of my routine guest visits on Live Coding Happy Hour which Dave and I will continue to produce. There are plans to offer other shows that target different skill levels, so look for those to be in a future blog post.

It is an honor to join this team and to work with all of you, the developer community to continue to grow.

ajb at lake