Chuck Tomasi

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Sarah Toulson is a ServiceNow Developer at Glidefast, mother of two, and has made the transition from a non-IT career. Join me for an interesting discussion with Sarah on this episode of Break Point.


  • 00:00 Welcome and introduction
  • 03:35 Challenges of transitioning from a non-IT career
  • 05:44 Where Sarah sees herself in the future
  • 09:05 Example challenges of goverments
  • 11:56 Design is not an after B thought
  • 16:37 User centric design
  • 22:53 Sarah’s sons
  • 25:30 Selfie at DragonCon
  • 28:15 One thing Sarah would change in the platform
  • 31:48 Words of advice for someone getting started
  • 32:43 Contact info
  • 33:08 Outro

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