Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read


One of the things that sets apart ordinary from extraordinary devs is the side projects they involve themselves with. Some may choose to learn a new language to satisfy a solve a personal interest, others may construct a server farm in their home to learn more about networking. Whatever the case, the outcome is almost always a direct benefit to their future career. Today’s guest is going to share with us some of his personal projects and how they have affected him.


  • 00:00 Welcome/Introduction
  • 04:23 Superhero power
  • 05:29 How Jace got started with ServiceNow
  • 07:44
  • 13:29 Jamstack
  • 15:33 News with Jace
  • 22:14 Lessons learned
  • 27:32 Words of advice
  • 29:30 Contact info
  • 30:19 Outro

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