Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read


As many long time listeners know, I’ve always been fascinated by integrations. It’s a way to make one plus one equal 100 when it comes to driving value from our systems. In this episode, we’ll find out what’s new in our Tokyo release when it comes to Integration Hub.


  • 00:00 Welcome/introduction
  • 04:36 Ep 62 Automation Engine with Michael Meiner
  • 04:52 Integration Hub defined
  • 07:22 Connection overrides
  • 09:38 Integration Hub Imports Mapping Updates
  • 12:56 Matching reference fields
  • 14:18 Dynamic outputs on Integration Hub Import
  • 16:13 Roadmap
  • 21:41 Contact information
  • 22:10 Outro

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