Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning b the name may conjure up images or memories of large systems that can take years to implement, or perhaps even longer to upgrade. In this episode, we’ll talk to someone who shares with us how we, as ServiceNow Developers, can become close partners with our ERP brethren by leveraging the power of our platform.


  • 00:00 Welcome/introductions
  • 07:05 What is an ERP?
  • 09:26 Who are the ERP vendors?
  • 12:55 ECM defined
  • 21:52 Other similar vendors
  • 25:18 How ECM works
  • 29:00 Implementation time
  • 34:50 What’s in it for ServiceNow Devs
  • 37:56 Roadmap
  • 39:12 Words of advice
  • 40:00 Contact info
  • 40:48 Outro
  • Email jens.strandbygaard@servicenow.come
  • LinkedIn

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