Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read


There are many ways you can elevate your visibility and build your brand in the ServiceNow ecosystem. Creating, blogs, videos, meetups, podcasts, webinars, presenting at conferencesb& and my guest on this episode sets a great example.


  • 00:00 Welcome and introduction
  • 03:30 How Dhruv got his start
  • 05:34 Favorite thing built on ServiceNow
  • 09:35 Typical day for Dhruv
  • 12:12 Th secret to Dhruv’s superpower
  • 14:12 Dhruv’s meetups, podcast, and more
  • 21:10 How ServiceNow changed Dhruv’s career
  • 26:23 One thing Dhruv would like to see changed
  • 29:20 The highlight of Dhruv’s career so far
  • 31:19 Words of advice to new developers
  • 38:00 Contact info
  • 38:20 Outro

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