Lauren McManamon

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On July 26th 2022 - We here at ServiceNow kicked off the #BuildWithAES Challenge. We prompted the developer community to show us what they had build using the titular App Engine Studio (AES for short) and describe their experience with the product. App Engine Studio is ServiceNow’s development environment. It allows developers, with skill levels ranging from low to pro-code, to build, manage, and delegate the responsibilities of custom applications.

This will be the first of many #BuildWith***** Challenges, but given this was App Engine Studio’s inaugural year, we couldn’t think of a better product to start with. We didn’t know what to expect turn-out wise. Needless to say, you developers blew any expectations we had out of the water! With use cases ranging from booking international flights to calculating the carbon footprint of new projects, you all truly harnessed the power of AES and we couldn’t be more proud.

In the 55 days the challenge ran, concluding on September 19th (an extension from the original end date of September 9th due to popularity)…

  • 171 people participated, earning themselves an exclusive developer t-shirt
  • Participants hailed from 15 different countries and 71 different companies
  • These submissions were sprinkled all over the internet, made evident by the use of the #BuildWithAES hashtag
  • The former hashtag was used over 330 times across social media platforms

From the bottom of my heart, as well as everyone on the Developer Advocacy Team - I cannot thank you enough for your participation and feedback. You have provided us with an invaluable perspective on AES that can propel this feature into the future. Congratulations on a job phenomenally done!

…Now What?

Are you one of these very developers, sitting there, wearing your new shirt, thinking to yourself, “…well that was fun, but what now?” Fear not! I have a couple of options for you.

The first tidbit I can offer is a little inside information: while this was a challenge, an App Engine Contest is coming soon. Stay tuned for more…

Did You Catch the Live Coding Happy Hour on #BuildWithAES?

Usually, our bi-weekly Live Coding Happy Hour livestream consists of Chuck, Earl, possible guests, and myself hacking our way through a development problem. However, on September 23rd 2022 we had a different goal in mind. In the preceding days, the Developer Advocates combed through all of the submissions to find ones that stood out to us. Obviously #BuildWithAES was a challenge, not a contest - everyone who followed the submission guidelines was rewarded. However, we wanted to honor those that put in a particularly unique amount of thought and effort into their submissions, which we did so here. Did your submission make the cut? Tune in to find out!

Perhaps This Was Your Time Hearing of AES and You’re Wanting to Learn More?

When we kicked off this challenge, I put out two videos that are a great starting point.

What is App Engine Studio? Getting Started on App Engine Studio
2 min 58 sec 7 min 19 sec