Chuck Tomasi

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CreatorCon 2021 is sporting an updated Builder Track ready to enable low-code developers! These eight hands-on, self-paced, on-demand lab exercises are easy to follow. They are specifically for:

  • System Admins looking to dip their toes in to the developer world.
  • Line of business users who can’t wait for IT to get to their projects and start transforming their corner of the organization.
  • New developers to the platform looking to accelerate the time to build apps.

If you are already an experienced ServiceNow developer, consider sharing these labs with your power users who can help off-load some of those departmental project requests and allow you to focus on the more complex stuff like integrations and scripted logic while they take care of adding fields, reports, and several other low-code tasks.

The Builder Track is made up of 8 labs hosted by ServiceNow experts. They’ll guide you though step-by-step instructions to demonstrate how easily and quickly you can start unlocking productivity and delivering great experiences.

The labs don’t need to be completed in this order, but I do recommend you start with CCL1075-K21 as it sets the context for the rest.

  1. CCL1075-K21 – Build your first app in minutes

    Sascha will show you how easy it is to go from spreadsheet to application in minutes with no code! Create a data model, build forms and lists, add a workflow! See how fast ServiceNow can unlock productivity in your organization!

  2. CCL1076-K21 – Quickly add business logic to your app

    Discover all the ways ServiceNow can provide business logic to turn a system of record into a workflow application without writing a single line of code. Lisa will share how you can improve an existing workflow, create a reusable subflow, and create a new workflow from scratch. Challenge exercises will show you how to prevent users from entering invalid data.

  3. CCL1077 – Gain insights into your application

    Join Will and learn to create several different kinds of reports and present them on a dashboard to gain insights into your data. Learn how quickly you can visualize your information to derive meaning from it and take action.

  4. CCL1078 – Create a mobile experience for your app

    Deliver the consumer-like mobile experience to your enterprise apps without writing any code. In this session, Yiran will be your guide to learn to use Mobile Studio to build a mobile application as an extension to an existing ServiceNow app. Your app will have access to geolocation, swipe actions, and other apps all without writing a single line of code!

  5. CCL1079 – Add a chatbot to your application

    In this session, Eros will help you explore how to create a chatbot and deliver an interactive conversation to your end-users. No coding skills required as you give users a simple way to create and update records as if they were chatting with a live age.

  6. CCL1080 – Go beyond a single table application

    Join Blake as she helps you learn when, why, and how to create additional related tables and access that data to build more complex applications. You will learn the fundamentals of data modeling, how to interact with data in related tables, and how to prevent users from selecting invalid data.

  7. CCL1081 – Ensure functional quality in your application

    In this session, Ajinkya is your guide as you explore the fundamentals of creating a no-code automated test for your application to ensure it meets functional requirements before deployment. Additionally, the same tests can be used to speed up upgrades!

  8. CCL1082 – Give your app some finishing touches

    Learn to polish your apps with several low-code features to take them to the next level with Chuck as your tutor. You’ll build features to make navigation easier, schedule repeated tasks, gather feedback with surveys, and create a guided tour to reduce training.

I hope you enjoy these labs and share them with your coworkers.