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Congratulations to Team Volteoans!

Yesterday we showed the finals of the CreatorCon Hackathon and announced that Team Volteoans won with their app Clinical Care Management (EMR). The hackathon team would like to thank everyone for participating in the weekend-long hackathon. We had over 220 people across 50 teams submit applications by the end of the weekend and had some really impressive and innovative apps submitted. Choosing the five category winners and the grand prize winner was very difficult for our judging teams.

The Finalists

Zoom: Extra Crispy - Team Extra Crispy Stimulus Package | Telecom

Drive smart automation from Zoom meeting transcriptions and uncover valuable insight relevant to your tasks. You decide the memorable moments to uncover in meetings. The goal of this concept is to intersect speech recognition, personalized automation, and machine learning. Zoom: Extra Crispy can fill knowledge gaps within an organization by growing a pool of valuable data associated to tasks and meeting discussion outcomes.

Reach - Team NewRocket | Social Good

Through innovative methods, Reach enables users to create a dynamic and personalized hub for the information and resources that matter most to them.

JetVet - Team Sopra Steria | Banking

JetVet leverages the NOW platform and a wide range of data sources to supercharge your Due Dilligence program.

Clinical Care Management (EMR) - Team Volteoans | Healthcare

Clinical Care Management is a one-stop digital healthcare solution to make the patient management, communication between healthcare professionals better, quicker with easy configuration and automation.

KICK: Key Items Crisis Kit - Team World Class Wrackin’ Cru | Manufacturing

KICK is the platform to effectivelyB manage demand and supply of key items during a crisis. KICK providesB in time solutions for voluntary groups and independent small businesses to provide and manufacture goods and protective equipment and for key workers to source PPE.

The Winner

Ultimately, while all the finalist apps were impressive and represented a significant amount of work, after the judge’s deliberation, team Volteoans EMR app was the clear consensus winner. Their app used many areas of the platform, was extensively built out over the weekend, is a timeless solution, and represented a completely net new use case and vertical.

Congratulations again to the finalists and team Volteoans, and thanks again to all of the participants who took an entire weekend to innovate on the Now Platform with us! Stay tuned for a future post where we will link to blog posts and videos for many of the submitted apps.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the teams that participated and contributed time and effort in making your application. Thank you to the judges that evaluated all the submissions. Thank you to the Gurus that helped the teams have a smooth and successful application building process. A final thank you to the folks that watched the live streams during the event or the finale during CreatorCon!