Chuck Tomasi

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Once again, it’s time to give you hints and tips before you attend CreatorCon 2020. This year things are going to be significantly different from previous CreatorCons. Due to the current pandemic we are holding CreatorCon online. What you’ll find at CreatorCon 2020:

All hosted by yours truly.

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In previous years, we’ve recommended things like wearing comfy shoes and bringing your laptop, but since this year is all digital and you’re likely to be attending from home, I figure you already have those bases covered. So, here’s some fresh recommendations for CreatorCon 2020.

Block off time on your calendar

As soon as you sign up for sessions, workshops, etc. block off your calendar, so nobody steals that time from you. Unlike previous years where you were out of the office, and everyone knew it, this time there’s going to be the double temptation to “borrow” time because a) the event is free so some people may not think it’s as valuable - they couldn’t be more wrong, b) you’re “just at home”, right? Don’t let them do that! Block off the time.

Turn off the distractions

To help you focus on content, turn off your distractions. Disable desktop notifications, mute the phone, and whatever else can draw your attention away from getting the most out of the conference. If you were attending in person, you would do the same, so you aren’t “That person”. You also wouldn’t be spending time on Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail, because you want to dive deep into the content. Apply the same discipline to the digital sessions, and you’ll find them more valuable.

Follow the discussions

How about installing Tweetdeck or some other social aggregator to follow hashtags like #creatorcon? Between sessions, check out what people are saying, throw in your comments, and be part of the broader online discussion.

Follow up

Make a note of your speaker(s) and follow up. It’s not only going to be a different experience for you as an attendee, but also for the presenters. Instead of talking to a room full of people, seeing smiling faces, and getting that great feedback, this year, presenters are talking to a camera. That’s tough! It would be great to get a note afterward saying, “Great job!” “Hey, I have a follow-up question.” or “Thanks.”.

Show us your lanyards

Let’s have some fun with this. I’m challenging you to put on a lanyard, take a picture, and post it to social media with hashtag #creatorcon. Use your imagination. Do you have a previous lanyard from Knowledge? Perhaps an ancient one? How about a different convention or expo? Maybe something your kids made you? Show us your creative lanyards!

We look forward to “seeing you” at CreatorCon 2020!