Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Topic: On this episode, join Chuck, and Brad as they explore he new mobile card builder in Quebec. Prior to this release, you could pick from a variety of pre-built card layouts. Now with Q, you can finally design your own!

About: Creator Toolbox is a weekly show provided by the ServiceNow Developer Program. Each Tuesday, join the Developer Advocate team and guests as they showcase the platform tools you need to get your job done quickly. Join us each Tuesday at 8AM PT/11AM ET (save the last Tuesday of each month.)

Credits: Hosts: Chuck Tomasi, Brad Tilton, Yev Goldin, David Murch, Rayan Bouajram


  • Introductions
  • Building a list applet
  • Copying/modifying a template
  • Applying a template to a card
  • Creating the launch app
  • Updating the nav bar
  • Testing the applet live
  • Bookmarks
  • Q&A