Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Join the toolbox team as Andrew Barnes demonstrates his favorite Quebec developer feature - script tracer. Discover how this tool can help you uncover the layers of logic quickly.


  • 01:27 Introductions
  • 04:30 Topic introduction
  • 06:20 Problem introduction (screen share starts)
  • 09:52 Debugging with log points and break points
  • 15:00 Turning on business rule debugging
  • 16:39 Looking through the business rules
  • 18:39 Script Tracer demo
  • 22:10 The script tab
  • 24:45 We found the problem!
  • 27:05 Transaction tab
  • 27:23 Enabling log points
  • 28:29 Pricing/availability
  • 29:00 Anything else?
  • 30:19 Summary
  • 31:50 Announcements

About: Creator Toolbox is a weekly show provided by the ServiceNow Developer Program. Each Tuesday, join the Developer Advocate team and guests as they showcase the platform tools you need to get your job done quickly. Join us each Tuesday at 8AM PT/11AM ET (save the last Tuesday of each month.)

Credits: Hosts: Andrew Barnes, Chuck Tomasi