Chuck Tomasi

2 minute read

On this episode of LCHH, Brittany Navin (NOW) and Ben Kennedy (NOW) will build a mobile application for users to complete fun, adventurous challenges with family and friends. We will show you how to get your existing scoped application into App Engine Studio to create experiences and flows with ease. We will utilize Flow Designer to create flows that automate record changes. Additionally, we will display the new Mobile Card Builder app used to modify mobile app. views. Finally, we will build a challenge leaderboard in UI Builder. Join us for a sip, some knowledge, and a few dad jokes in between!


  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:44 Welcome, introductions, and drinks
  • 06:09 Objective
  • 07:40 Screenshare start and project overview
  • 12:10 Sidebar: ACLs, Dictionary, and Data Polices
  • 16:55 Table builder
  • 17:20 Building flow #1
  • 35:38 Building flow #2
  • 38:37 Building the mobile app
  • 55:55 Ben and Chuck’s challenges
  • 58:25 Dashboard
  • 1:02:20 Rating of the drinks and announcements

About: Live Coding Happy Hour is a weekly show provided by the ServiceNow Developer Program. Each week join as the Developer Advocate team along with guests work on a developing and enhancing real applications with unscripted and unprepared examples. See how experts at ServiceNow problem solve and learn new parts of the Now Platform.

Credits: Hosts: Chuck Tomasi, Brittany Navin, Ben Kennedy