Dave Slusher

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YouTube video: https://youtu.be/zN91QeAziew

The Live Coding Team: dave.slusher, ctomasi, josh.nerius

In this episode, we continue working with the Istanbul era Automated Testing Framework. In this one we work on incorporating Jasmine tests to do server-side actions and assertions. Much of this episode is spent reverse engineering and logging to figure out what structures are available to us at various points.

Video Index

00:00 - Introductions

02:00 - Discussing Automated Test Framework and Server-side scripting

03:45 - Lessons learned from previous weeks; Server-side scripting can have scoping issues

05:30 - You need the sys_id of the test step to look up values

09:15 - You look up the created record with .record_id NOT .sys_id

11:00 - Adding logging to figure out what is available to the Jasmine inside of tests

17:30 - The anatomy of Jasmine tests in ATF

22:00 - Digging in to expect syntax

25:00 - Showing how a broken test appeared to be working

29:00 - Looking at the Jasmine docs

37:00 - Looking at provided Service-side Test Steps

42:00 - Trying to figure out what .sys_id is the sys_id of

47:00 - Getting some insights into how values are passed from the Step Configs to future Steps

49:30 - Wrapping up

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