Brad Tilton

2 minute read

The Paris release brought many new features and enhancements to our Mobile functionality on the Now Platform. This post will highlight the top features in Paris that ServiceNow developers should be aware of.

Mobile Filter Enhancement

Before Paris, any filtering users did in the mobile application in lists and map applets happened on the client-side. That meant that they could only filter against the columns shown in a list and the data in the current pagination. In Paris, this functionality has been rewritten to run server-side. This means that you can now run online filter queries on the database instance, and you can filter against fields which are not part of the list item view. Client-side filters will continue to be supported for offline usage. Read more in the mobile filters docs

Actionable push notifications

Actionable push notifications allow the mobile app user to take an action by hitting a button on the notification itself without having to open the app or a browser. The most obvious use case for this is being able to approve or reject an approval directly from a push notification, but the opportunities are endless. Find out more in this blog post or in the docs.

Edge Encryption Support

The mobile platform now supports Edge Encryption so users can view and edit encrypted data. This is a very big deal to some developers so I wanted to call it out here. Read more on the docs site.

Notification Management

Mobile app users can now control which push notifications they receive on their mobile device. When enabled by an administrator, push notification settings are organized into categories. Users can select a category, and then individually enable or disable notifications within that category. Find out more on the docs site.

Copy an Applet

Create a copy of an existing applet. This is not a big deal until you’ve had to copy an applet multiple times with slightly different default filters.

Scheduled Offline Caching

Field technicians can receive scheduled updates to their offline data cache. Scheduled downloads are based on the user’s schedule. Users can disable this feature, cancel downloads, or download only when wi-fi is available. They can also manually update their cache and go offline. Find out more here.

All Mobile Paris Features

Visit the Paris Mobile Release Notes page for an exhaustive list of Paris features and enhancements for Mobile.