Adam Stout

3 minute read

One of the significant advantages of developing on the Now Platform is access to Now Intelligence. I wanted to take a quick look at some of the important improvements in Paris you’ll want to be aware of.

Performance Analytics & Reporting

Interactive Filters are now free. Previously, the use of Interactive Filters (including custom Interactive Filters) required a Performance Analytics license. This is no longer the case.B Now you can leverage Interactive Filters on all your dashboards to give your users a more tailored and interactive experience. If you are looking for a challenge, check out the CreatorCon session from K19 on how to build custom Interactive Filters to really wow your users.

Performance Analytics and Reporting we have improved support for currency fields. Performance Analytics Indicators can use a reference currency instead of only supporting USD or requiring a manual conversion to another currency. Reporting also improved the support for aggregating multiple currencies (think multiple projects around the world tracking costs in different currencies).

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence already supported Clustering, Classification, and Similarity solutions, but in Paris, we added support for Regression solutions. For standard ServiceNow application, you could use this new machine learning capability to estimate the number of hours or days it takes to resolve an incident or case. What you can use this for in your applications is up to you.


There are several other enhancements as well for tuning your models.B Check out the release notes for more specifics on this.

Analytics in Workspaces

We continue to see significant improvements in support of Workspace. You can now create time series, single score, bar, pie, and donut visualizations from table and indicator data with the Data Visualization component. This component configuration enhances the Workspace Experience when building a landing page with UI Builder.

Single Scores also have a new Auto-refresh option to lets you ensure you are always displaying up to date information.

In addition to new configuration options, when in a Workspace, you have access to the new Analytics Center and KPI Details (which are the new version of the Analytics Hub) and more importantly, you get Analytics Q&A, which lets you ask a question in natural language, and Analytics Q&A gives you suggestions about indicators, breakdowns, tables, and columns while you are typing.


And lastly, KPI Signals analyzes the Performance Analytics Indicator scores to detect unexpected variations so you can identify when something is out of the norm. Every process undergoes variation. Most of this variation is normal, or ‘common cause’ variation, such as the small differences between each time you sign your name. What you need to know about is abnormal, or ‘special cause’ variation, such as when you sign with your off-hand. KPI Signals lets you know when an abnormal variation is occurring.