Brad Tilton

2 minute read

It’s Now Experience week on the developer blog, and the Now Experience UI Framework had some significant enhancements and new capabilities in the Quebec release.

UI Builder

The biggest and most obvious of these new capabilities is the new version of UI Builder in Quebec. UI Builder is a WYSIWYG web user interface builder that enables developers to build new pages or customize existing pages for web-based workspace and portal experiences using ServiceNow Experience Components and custom web components.

I’ve been writing about UIB in Quebec every week in a series called UI Builder Bytes.

Now Experience Components

There are a LOT of new Now Experience components shipped in the Quebec Release which are detailed in the release notes.

Entity View Action Mapper (EVAM)

While not necessarily a part of the Now Experience UI Framework, EVAM is a powerful new application that standardizes how different data sources display in cards and lists, and can be consumed from UI Builder.

You can find a walkthrough of how to set up an EVAM Definition and consume it from UI Builder in the UI Builder - EVAM Data Resources deep dive.

Component Playground

The component playground on the developer site received some love as well with the ability to filter between components available in UIB or components available in NPM that you can use as building blocks to develop your own web components.

component playground screenshot