Brad Tilton

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This week in our UI Builder Bytes blog series we’re going pause from the deep dives and demos, and explore some of the excellent resources that the developer community has created around Quebec’s UI Builder.

Dev Program Resources

Because I’m not above a little self-promotion, we’ll start with what we have created from the dev program.

Developer MVP Produced Resources

Other Developer Community Resources

  • NinjaBytes Blog and Youtube series may be the best resources that I’ve seen so far. Kudos to them.

And more

And because I can’t go a week without recording a video, here’s a recording of a quick demo I gave some of the different UIB capabilities including data resources, events, client state parameters, and client scripts. This ia similar use case to a recent LCHH episode we did.

The rough steps are:

  1. Add an input component in a new container.
  2. Add a client state parameter.
  3. Add an event handler to the input component.
  4. Add a button called quick add.

More Resources

Make sure to check out the previous posts in this UI Builder series, and stay tuned for more posts.

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