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This post is being continually updated with links to our Rome Release topic blog posts, Break Point podcasts, and Creator Toolbox (CTB), Live Coding Happy Hour (LCHH), and other video content.

Rome EA is here!

We here at the developer program are excited to announce the Rome Release is now available on personal developer instances! Instructions for upgrading your instance are at the bottom of this post.

We’ve been hard at work getting up to speed on the Rome release so we can bring you, the ServiceNow developer, admin, or curious individual, lots of content. We’re going to be highlighting many of the new products and features we think someone building apps with App Engine needs to know about.

Rome Overview Content

First, join Chuck Tomasi and Adam Stout, Director of Product Management, as they discuss the hottest platform features for developers.

Then, on Tuesday, 727, join us for TechNow Ep 88 where Chuck and the team will give you a summary of the new platform features in Rome you should care about as a developer. Register now!

Rome Features

Here is a list of the Rome features for developers that you can play with in your personal developer instance, and the blog, video, and podcast content we’ve created to help you learn more about them:

App Engine Studio


UI Builder and Now Experience

Automated Test Framework and Instance Scan

Flow Designer



Source Control and Delegated Development

Content Key

Here is a quick key for the different types of content we have.

  • BP:B Break Point is our ServiceNow Developer podcast hosted by Chuck Tomasi
  • TN: TechNow is a monthly webinar aimed at admins and developers
  • BLOG:B The Developer blog is written and maintained by the developer advocate team
  • LCHH:B Live Coding Happy Hour is our weekly live YouTube show where the advocates and friends do unscripted, live development on the Now Platform.
  • CTB:B Creator Toolbox is a weekly live YouTube show where the developer advocates, product managers, and developers show how to use the different App Engine development tools you can use to develop on the platform.

How to Upgrade your PDI

Now that you’ve seen some of what the Rome release has to offer, it’s time to get hands on! In order to upgrade your existing personal developer instance on the Developer site to the Rome release, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Developer site.

  2. Click on the your avatar at the very top right.


  3. In the popup, choose Upgrade Instance.


  4. In the modal that comes up, choose Rome Release Candidate 2 and choose Upgrade Instance.

    Upgrade selector

If you already have an instance, but want to start fresh you first need to release your current instance (you will lose any development work) by choosing Manage > Release Instance in the Your Instance widget. You’ll need to wait 15 minutes and then you’ll be able to request a new instance from step 2.