Dave Slusher

1 minute read


In case you were not aware, there is a collection of Technical Best Practices that are published on the Developer Portal. This material is also available via navigation under the Learn > Documentation header in the top navigation. This is important information that needs to have a good home where it is accessible by developers at any time. We often have sessions covering this material at Knowledge (I co-presented on in 2014, for example) but it can be difficult to know where to access it on a daily basis. This is material that warrants a periodic re-read so feel free to come back and peruse it over and over or when you have a lingering question as you do your routine development. When you begin to wonder if you are doing something the best way, that would be a good trigger for a fresh look at the material. It can get hard to keep it all in your head all day every do, so reminders never hurt.

Happy developing in the best practice sort of way!

PS - Thanks to Barry Dahl for the graphic. I love it!