Chuck Tomasi

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Introducing The Devvies, ServiceNow’s App of the Year Contest

This is your chance to show off your innovation and creativity, inspire your peers, and get major Community recognition! Oh….and exclusive ServiceNow swag, of course!

So, what exactly is The Devvies contest?

Have you built an awesome app that has transformed how your organization or your customer’s organization works? Did you simplify your team’s workflows, increase productivity, or save an organization time and money?

The Devvies is the perfect opportunity to show off your solutions and accomplishments! The contest is open to everyone, from Professional Developers to Citizen Developers (people who don’t build apps as their primary job function).

By entering the contest, you’ll be able to score swag, showcase your work, and inspire your peers to build apps on ServiceNow that continue to transform! You can enter solo or with a team of up to five individuals.

Is The Devvies Contest, for me?

YES! Whether you’re a pro developer or someone with no coding experience, the possibilities of what you can build on ServiceNow are endless.

Based on you and your team’s skill set and application, The Devvies will be awarding two prizes! One overall App of the Year prize and another special category Citizen Dev App of the Year prize where the app is primarily built by Citizen Developers, individuals who don’t write code as part of their day job.

Every eligible app submission will score ServiceNow swag, MVP points, and Community recognition. You and your team will also be in the running to become finalists in one of the two categories: App of the Year & Citizen Dev App of the Year.

Okay, now for THE BEST part

App of the Year

  • $4,000 USD Prize*
  • App of the Year trophy
  • The Devvies 2023 Exclusive Prize Bundle
    • Sport your one-of-a-kind jacket and scarf at Developer Meetups and other Community events. Everyone will know that you are one of The Devvies 2023 champions!
  • Two full passes to ServiceNow’s 2024 Knowledge Conference (worth up to $1800+ each) with access to CreatorCon*

Special Category: Citizen Dev App of the Year

  • $4,000 USD Prize*
  • Citizen Developer App of the Year trophy
  • The Devvies 2023 Exclusive Devvies Swag Bundle
    • Wear your one-of-a-kind jacket and scarf at Community events. Let everyone know that you are one of The Devvies 2023 champions!
  • Two full passes to ServiceNow’s 2024 Knowledge Conference (worth up to $1800+ each) with access to CreatorCon*

*Whenever there’s awesome prizes, there’s always legal restrictions. Terms and Conditions apply and some of the prizes will be shared between the team. So, please refer to the Official Contest Rules

The Devvies application takes 20 minutes or less and then you’ll be on your way to unlock some spectacular prizes!

Here’s the contest timeline:

  • February 21 - March 10, 2023 - We’ll be accepting submissions until 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time
  • March 31 (at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time)** - The Finalists for both the App of the Year and Citizen Dev App of the Year prizes will be announced right here on the Developer Blog!
  • May 18 - The winners will be revealed at the CreatorCon Keynote during the ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 conference

Jump in and enter now

  1. First, visit the official contest page and apply. The application will take 20 minutes or less! Just make sure that your app is complete and currently in use, on a production instance, by your organization or another company.
  2. After you submit an eligible app, we’ll send you instructions on how to redeem your swag! You’ll be able to choose from t-shirts, tumblers, and more
  3. Next, just sit tight because it’s judging time. We’ll be announcing Finalists right here on the Blog on March 31st at 10:00am Pacific Time.

The Devvies contest is open to everyone from citizen developers without coding experience to seasoned application developers. Check out our contest judging criteria here.

There will be a general submission round, followed by a finalist pitch. All general submissions must be made by March 10, 2023 by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

Why you should participate

We’re looking for apps that are innovative and have made an impact, and your app just might be the one.

Whether you’ve been building for years or just starting out, we want to hear about what you’ve built and give you and your team major kudos and recognition. And who knows… your submission might just change the way your peers use ServiceNow!

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your work shine!