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We can hardly contain our excitement as we unveil the finalists for The Devvies: ServiceNow’s App of the Year Contest! This competition celebrates outstanding innovation and app-building creativity, and with a staggering number of submissions from talented developers all over the globe, our esteemed panel of judges had their work cut out for them in selecting this year’s top apps.

Last week, we had the pleasure of notifying each team that had made it to the next round, and we want to extend our warmest congratulations to all the finalists! We were blown away by your commitment to creating top-notch solutions on ServiceNow, and we can’t wait to see where your incredible talent takes you next.

So, without further ado, it’s time to reveal the finalists for each category. We’re keeping some app details under wraps for now to keep things exciting! Good luck to all the finalists, and let’s give them a round of applause!

2023 App of the Year Finalists

Incident Bot

  • Team Member: Michael McAlister
  • App details: Instead of manually managing major incidents, this app provides a streamlined, centralized process accessible to all staff members with its revolutionizing incident management process. The app simplifies and automates the entire process, ensuring that the right people are involved at the right time to resolve any issues quickly and effectively.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Integration Hub, Flow Designer, Developer Studio, Performance Analytics, App Engine Studio
  • Others: Google Drive Spoke, Google Hangout Spoke, Jira Spoke, Slack Spoke, PagerDuty Platform for Real-Time, Operations - Store App
  • Judge’s Highlight: This app showcases richness in developer skills, a good handle on ServiceNow’s architecture to coordinate spokes in sync. The app saves time and increases productivity by automating what were previously manual processes.

Feedback App

  • Team Members: Lasse Kjelstrup-Hoop, and Evangelia Miariti
  • App details: This game-changing addition to Service Portal transforms interactions with users. This customizable widget provides users with a seamless feedback experience on every page they visit.- ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Developer Studio
  • Judge”s Highlight: Super configurable and rich with its use of ServiceNow features. Usability is high, end-users can create insightful dashboards and notifications. A great way to measure customer satisfaction scores!


  • Team Members: Joseph Garcia, Alex Bones, Joseph Krohn, Aaron Wilson, and Stan Swartwood
  • App details: Provides life-saving assistance when it comes to streamlining citizen support in critical situations and emergency cases, by allowing users to report missing people and mark themselves safe with ease.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Integration Hub, Flow Designer, Developer Studio, Service Portal, Service Catalog Record Producers
  • Others: Slack Spoke
  • Judge’s Highlight: Speed of implementation was high, and the use case is very impressive. This app helps to save lives and makes a big impact.

ROCC HUB (Rail Operations Control Center)

  • Team Members: Drew Louis Liquerman, Jennifer Baker, and Shatha Al Masary
  • App details: With this groundbreaking real-time tool for public transit system control centers, human errors, inefficient paper trails, and disorganized shift turnovers are eliminated. This app streamlines all rail activities and manual processes, giving complete control and real-time insights into transit operations.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: App Engine Studio
  • Judge’s Highlight: An impressive focus on automating and digitizing manual processes, this app is a major time saver. It incorporates analytics and continual improvement, and connects silos across various teams, all while supporting a mission critical function.


  • Team Members: Cesar Meija, Johnny Chung, Lovedeep Grewal, Erli Fan, and Guilherme Dos Reis Henriques
  • App details: Say goodbye to slow response times and hello to lightning-fast communication with this revolutionary digital solution! This app speeds up email responses and provides real-time insights, freeing up time to provide students with quick, accurate, and efficient support.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Flow Designer, Developer Studio, Web Services (REST), Contextual Search
  • Judge’s Highlight: A great use of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to enable better business outcomes. Extends a simple ITSM principle to save time and increase productivity.


  • Team Members: Shelby Gray, Michael Ladewski, and Chris Emerson
  • App details: This app takes customer engagement to the next level by offering personalized engagement, lightning-fast solutions, and satisfied customers with two systems that have been fully integrated into a single unified agent experience, making it easier than ever to connect with contact sectors and deliver the best possible service to customers.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Mobile Builder, Next Experience/UI Builder, Now Experience CLI
  • Others: OpenFrame
  • Judge’s Highlight: This app increases customer satisfaction and saves time with its unified agent experience across two separate systems.

Absence Management System

  • Team Members: Ajay Vuppala, Eddie Shigeta, and Saikrishna Yanamala
  • App details: Taking time off can be a hassle, with this solution users can now speed up the operational and logistical process of submitting work leaves.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Mobile Builder, Next Experience/UI Builder
  • Judge’s Highlight: An amazing custom app with a large scope that showcases rich developer skills. The app makes an impact by saving time and increasing employee satisfaction.

2023 Citizen Developer App of the Year Finalists

Automate RTL workflow for PIM team

  • Team Members: Prasad Suresh Rane, Priyanka Mokal, and Supriya Sawant
  • App details: This innovative email-based tool takes the tedious task of manually categorizing service requests away by automating this process, saving time, and freeing up resources by providing real-time reporting and streamlined management, giving insights and control.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Process Automation, Designer, Flow Designers, App Engine Studio
  • Others: ACL, Client Development
  • Judge’s Highlight: This app makes a big impact on the business by saving users time, built with minimal coding experience.

Escalation Management

  • Team Member: Vipul Gupta
  • App details: Customer issues and service delivery are crucial. With the help of this IT support app, customer satisfaction is enhanced while managing all escalations and incident requests.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Flow Designer, App Engine Studio, Developer Studio, Performance Analytics
  • Judge’s Highlight: This app provided an impressive jump in customer satisfaction and was built with minimal coding experience.

UdG Qualitat

  • Team Member: Santi Cots
  • App details: Automates and streamlines an Excel-based process with real-time sharing, consistency, and improvement on all action plans.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Flow Designer, Developer Studio
  • Judge’s Highlight: It is a notable example of automating a manual, excel-based process and is comprehensive. Built by an educator to solve its own department problems.

Adventure Express

  • Team Member: Daniel Maldonado
  • App details: Simplistic low code App that supports after-school programs and parents with everything related to transportation logistics.
  • ServiceNow Capabilities/Features: Flow Designer, Mobile Builder, Next Experience/UI Builder, App Engine Studio
  • Judge’s Highlight: Solves a high-value problem for after-school programs and parents.

When will the winners be announced:

The anticipation is mounting! As we speak, each of our esteemed finalists is busy preparing a video pitch to showcase their outstanding app built on ServiceNow. Our expert panel of finalist judges will evaluate and score each video pitch. Then, the finalist teams will attend a live virtual “Shark-Tank” style grill session, putting each finalist to the test.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! We’re thrilled to announce that the 2023 App of the Year winners will be revealed during the CreatorCon Keynote on May 18th at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2023 conference! If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time to get your ticket - you won’t want to miss this!

To all the incredible developers who submitted their amazing apps and shared their inspiring vision, we extend our heartfelt thanks. You continue to raise the bar and demonstrate just how much is possible with ServiceNow. And to our finalists, congratulations once again - we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you all! Let’s get ready to celebrate in style at Knowledge 2023!