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Hello Developers! August is right around the corner and with it comes a lot of excitement. A whole new school year, the grand finale to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the next release of ServiceNow - Vancouver! If you are a new user of the ServiceNow platform, let’s do a quick run down of what a release season means for you.

When these bi-annual releases of the ServiceNow platform occur, they trigger a series of coinciding events as well…

  1. ServiceNow determines an Early Access (EA) release date for the new version - for Vancouver, Early Access (EA) will be August 3rd 2023.
    • Unless your company registered for the EA Release Program in the months prior, this will not impact your corporate instances.
    • EA Release Day does apply to Personal Developer Instances (PDIs) though - for instructions on how to upgrade your PDI, click here.
    • For more information about the Early Access Release Program, click here.
  2. Our team of Developer Advocates will schedule our TechNow webinar on the same day as the EA Release - the Vancouver TechNow livestream will be August 3rd at 8AM PT, click here to register.
  3. Following TechNow, there will be approximately 2 months of content put out by our Developer Advocate team. Where TechNow covers the new features and enhancements at a very surface level, the blogs, podcast episodes, and livestreams we produce after dive much deeper into specific topics.
  4. Near the end of our content calendar, ServiceNow will make the release available to all customers (General Availability Release).

The purpose of this blog entry is to serve as your guide to the upcoming weeks of content dedicated to the Vancouver release. Below, you will find the calendar organized sequentially as well as by product. Following the date, you will see an acronym referring to the format of the content. Here is a quick breakdown of what each of those abbreviations refer to and a short link to navigate to previously posted content of that type…

  • Blog: Written news and technical content (
  • BP: The ServiceNow Developer podcast. Topics include product discussions with ServiceNow product managers, customer and partner developer journeys, and career tips (
  • CTB: Creator Toolbox - a A YouTube livestream where we demo new features and often feature guests from the Product Team (
  • LCHH: Live Coding Happy Hour - a casual YouTube livestream where we grab a drink, unwind, and attempt to develop something we have not practiced before. It allows us to naturally run into debugging issues developers would typically encounter in real time (

Thank you so much for being a participant in the ServiceNow community and we hope you find this blog helpful in navigating the Vancouver release!

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If you’d like a “to go” version of all of the information above, we’ve put together a graphic for you to save and/or share. Enjoy!