Automated Test

Dave Slusher

5 minute read

When the Automated Test Framework (ATF) was first released, I published an introductory post about it . I didn’t intend it to be 20 months and several family releases between parts but such is life in the big city. One of the upsides of a slow release schedule is that there are many advances to talk about when you get to Part 2. The introductory post talked about the basics and authoring a test.

Dave Slusher

6 minute read

The Istanbul release included the Automated Testing Framework. This is the first time that the platform itself has included any significant mechanism for automated testing. There are third party solutions such as Cerna’s CapIO but none actually included in the product until Istanbul. Let’s take a look at this framework in depth to see what it includes.

Tests: A list of all Tests cases defined on the system. A Test is basically one transaction from beginning to end and is composed of a series of Test Steps.