Brad Tilton

2 minute read

Update: There is a brand new Now Experience UI Framework course on the developer site that you should absolutely run through if you’re looking to get setup on the framework As we’re getting into Hacktoberfest, ServiceNow developers are getting more interested in the Now Experience UI Framework and wondering how to get started. I put together a quick video to show how you go from a freshly installed now-cli to scaffolding and rendering your first component.

Brad Tilton

3 minute read

The Now Experience UI Framework was introduced in the Orlando release as a ServiceNow JavaScript framework built on web components standards. It enables developers to build custom web components and create a modern UI for users. In the Orlando and Paris releases the UI Framework is limited to customizing Workspace. While Paris wasn’t a huge release for Now Experience, there are a few enhancements that I’d like to call out around new components.

Brad Tilton

6 minute read

If you are building Now Experience UI Framework Components, you will probably need your components to interact with the ServiceNow database. To do that from a component, you’ll need to use the Http Effect API. This post will walk through using the Http effect to consume the REST Table API to display the number and short description from the latest incident in a ServiceNow PDI. It may not be the most practical use case, but the goal is to show an easy way to interact with ServiceNow data from a component.