Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Join us as we dig in to the “wizardly ways” of debugging your code. There are several places you can write code on the Now Platform. And when you find yourself getting unexpected, or no results, it’s time to reach for some debugging tools. Topics 00:00 Welcome and introductions 06:29 Poll #1 08:56 Demo start and problem description 13:30 Debugging options 14:47 Introducing script debugger 16:08 Setting a breakpoint 19:02 Other options prior to Quebec 20:30 Introducing Script Tracer 29:31 Andrew’s tip: Deactivating files 30:53 Debugging flows 33:21 Introducing Logpoints 37:38 Other tips and tools 39:49 Poll #2 43:08 Upcoming announcements & reference info 45:30 Final Q&A Links Script Tracer Script Debugger SNUtils Video: Debugging Service Portal TechNow Ep 87 - Exploring ServiceNow DevOps TechNow Ep 71 - Move It!