Integrations and APIs

Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Chuck takes us through a recent example of turning a scripted outbound REST API into an IntegrationHub spoke and subflow for easier maintenance and reuse. Topics 00:00 Introduction 05:00 Screen share and problem statement 08:30 How it works today 11:35 Let’s build an action 12:12 The action inputs 21:30 The REST call 27:53 The JSON Parser 34:39 The outputs 38:00 Debugging 40:45 Error checking, subflows, status and scripting tips 46:08 Next steps/summary 47:45 Announcements Links Docs: IntegrationHub REST step (Quebec) Break Point Podcast TechNow Ep 85 - App Engine Studio About: Creator Toolbox is a weekly show provided by the ServiceNow Developer Program.