User Experience

Andrew Barnes

2 minute read

If you are trying to build your first component on a personal developer instance(PDI), you will run into some issues. ServiceNow is aware of the problems, and we will have them fixed up for you. In the meantime, here are the workarounds. Component Building for PDIs The company code for PDIs are numbered, and web components can’t start with numbers. The now-cli automatically inserts your scope name into the component name, thus causing the issue.

Andrew Barnes

5 minute read

It has been a pleasure writing blogs on the platform features we believe developers want to know about and their changes during the Early Access period of the Orlando Release. I hope you have found them to be useful and relevant to you as a developer. The Developer Blog will continue to seek out topics for technical deep dives as we exit the release season. One more thing! Wait, we can’t go just yet, you say?