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G’day and welcome! My name is Andrew Albury-Dor, and I’ve been invited by Andrew and Brad to “Have the honor of contributing to the ServiceNow Developer Blog” (Really, they want more content, I know your tricks!). If you haven’t heard of me, I’m one of the 2020 Developer MVPs , and I’m very excited to be here!

To introduce myself, I work for Auto & General Insurance in Brisbane, Australia, and have been developing on the ServiceNow platform for about four years. I have often joined in the Live Coding Happy Hours over at the Developer Program YouTube channel, where you may have heard me referred to as “Upside-Down Andrew” because of being on the opposite side of the world from the other Andrew.

Today I’d love to highlight some of the fantastic content the community has been putting out in the last few months, despite (or in some cases because of) the crazy situation we find ourselves in around the world.

Starting with some of the Developer MVPs:


If you have any interest in new web technologies and frameworks, Andrew P is your guy - He writes a lot of fascinating blogs over on his Medium blog. Here are a few of them:

He’s also published some awesome Apps to GitHub and shares the XML Update Sets in his blogs:

There’s a lot more than I haven’t noted here, so make sure you check him out on the socials!


Recently I’ve been taking a deep dive into the new Now Experience on my blog, which has been the topic of several LCHHs and a lot of speculation.

Here are my blog posts so far: - Part 1 - Setting up your Workspace - Part 1.5 - Managing and Sharing your Code - Part 2 - Let’s Build a Thing - Part 3 - Wasn’t I meant to be a ServiceNow Developer?

I also sat down and had a chat with Jace (Further down the list) about our thoughts around the Now Experience in a live YouTube video. You can check that out here.


If you have been around the SN Devs Slack, you will have seen Earl maintaining and updating the bots in the channel (specifically Slacker and the Points Thing & leaderboard) and helping out a lot - hence his spot in the top 10 on said leaderboard! @earl++ amirite?


Jace has been being Jace and, as usual, hitting it for six (That’s a cricket thing, for you baseball people). As well as helping everyone out on Slack, He’s written some excellent blogs:

As well as working on a side project which aggregates blogs, videos, twitter, community posts and news about ServiceNow in one spot:


Jarod has been a guest on the Live Coding Happy Hours a couple of times this quarter and has built a cool Dynamic Report app.

You can see Part 1 and Part 2 and download the App from Share Here


Jim is a Community MVP through and through and has been posting in the Developer Community a lot.

He has a new Series called Tips ‘n Tricks but make sure to check out his Community Profile


Kalai has been a reliable poster on ServiceNow Community and shares his #til (Today I Learned) in the SN Devs slack #til channel and on LinkedIn.

Check out his “Unlearn Series” of blogs for some unique perspectives on stuff you thought you knew. Here are some highlights: - Unlearn Series - Check Your SQL Query And Its Performance - Unlearn Series - Create Or Update Record With Encoded Query - Unlearn Series - Easy Schedule Jobs

He’s also been creating and sharing the Apps and customizations mentioned in this series: - Easy Scheduled Job - Simple Approval Widget With Comment - Generate Node BigIP - Switch Between ServiceNow Nodes


Mark is a machine for Community Articles and focuses explicitly on Virtual Agent. I recently deployed our agent, and if I had any trouble, I knew I would find a post of his on how to fix it.


Robert “The Duke” Fedoruk is a bit of a “Michelin star” content chef. His YouTube channel is a must-watch, and he has a Podcast called CJ & The Duke with fellow SN Architect Cory Wesley. They have some great tips there for anyone involved with ServiceNow. He’s also one of the voices of ServiceNow on Twitter

His recent highlights include: - One Minute M’Orlando Series - Titans of Now - Chuck Tomasi


Travis runs a blog and YouTube channel called “Code Creative”.

He’s also just released a free Share App for exposure analysis for COVID-19.


I’d also like to point out a new blog that some of the regulars on the SN Devs slack channel have started: WomenNow - It’s new but has some great posts so far. I encourage you to check it out!

That’s all for today if I have missed anything, or you would like to highlight something you have found super helpful, please comment below!

I love the ServiceNow community - It’s so active, and everyone wants to help and share knowledge. I’m proud to be a part of it!