Andrew Albury-Dor

5 minute read

G’day and welcome! My name is Andrew Albury-Dor, and I’ve been invited by Andrew and Brad to “Have the honor of contributing to the ServiceNow Developer Blog” (Really, they want more content, I know your tricks!). If you haven’t heard of me, I’m one of the 2020 Developer MVPs , and I’m very excited to be here! To introduce myself, I work for Auto & General Insurance in Brisbane, Australia, and have been developing on the ServiceNow platform for about four years.

Andrew Barnes

1 minute read

The ServiceNow Developer Program sponsors and helps build engagement and community through the 60+ global Developer Meetups. The meetups are still occuring in an online setting. Now, it is easier than ever to connect with developers from your area and around the world. No commuting necessary. Find a meetup near you to join the events remotely now, and then once we are back to having in person events you can join in.