Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Join us as we cover a few of the new developer features in the Paris release. Chuck is joined by special guest ServiceNow Sr. Software Engineer, Dave Slusher. Dave is a familiar name (and voice) to the developer community. For several years he was a former Developer Advocate and co-host of Live Coding Happy Hour and TechNow. One detail - this discussion covers a lot of the Flow Designer and IntegrationHub features - fear not! We’ll be talking to others in upcoming episodes to about other features.

Flow Designer/IntegrationHub topics covered

  • JSON parser
  • Duplicate action instance
  • Duplicate a subflow
  • Connection and credential dashboard
  • Flattened numbering
  • FlowAPI updates
  • Run with Roles
  • Content filtering
  • Ghost actions
  • Data streams as a data source

Remember: Be sure to check out Flow Designer/IntegrationHub office hours on the Platform or Developer Community on Wednesdays! Just search for “office hours” on the community.

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